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research development

In our increasingly competitive research ecosystem, specialized skills and significant effort are critical for researchers and institutions to secure the big ticket funding opportunities needed maintain and fuel growth of their research programmes.

I provide a full range of services driving success in large-scale funding opportunities for researchers and institutions, ranging from proposal development and editorial services to collaboration facilitation and project management.

Programs previously supported include 

Canada Excellence Research Chairs; Canada First Research Excellence Fund; Canada Foundation for Innovation (JELF and Innovation Fund); New Frontiers in Research Fund; Canada Research Chairs; Canada 150 Research Chairs; NSERC CREATE; SSHRC Partnership Grants; and more.

Example presentations

Demes, K & Hanano, D. 2020. Building Competitive Advantages for Large-Scale Funding Opportunities: A Guide for Research Administrators and Facilitators. Webinar for Canadian Association of Research Administrators. 


Demes, K. 2019. Building Competitive Advantages for Large Scale Funding Opportunities: An Institutional Guide. Presentation at Canadian Association of Research Administrators Annual Conference.

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