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research strategy

Strategic Research Plans help funders and institutions define their work and achieve the impact they desire — they are also required by some institutional funding programs. Developing and implementing these plans requires alignment of internal and external stakeholders, collaboration across units that otherwise may work in isolation, and additional capacity that may not exist within organizations.

I work with institutions to support the development and implementation of their strategic research priorities. Support can range from long-term engagement over the course of the development of an SRP (e.g., aligning objectives internally and across external stakeholders) or more targeted work supporting the implementation and evaluation of strategic research projects, programs, and policies.

Example Projects

Demes, KW, GC Murphy, & HM Burt. 2019. Catalyzing Clusters of Research Excellence: An Institutional Case Study. Journal of Research Administration 50(1): 108-123. [link]

Demes, KW. Building collaborative, inter-institutional research programs. Department of Fisheries & Ocean research priority workshop. 2018.

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