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research evaluation

Research evaluation is a foundational pillar of research management. It helps us identify strengths to leverage and opportunities for growth; it can give researchers visibility on the uptake and impact of their work; and it allows us to assess and refine research policies and support programs. 

I combine research data from distributed sources and support the development and implementation of novel research data frameworks to evaluate research within the context of specific goals for researchers, institutions, and funders. I also provide advanced analytical services for researchers working on systematic reviews (e.g., query design and evaluation) and bibliometric analyses of fields.

Examples of former projects include:

  • Identification of funding programs where institutions are under-performing to guide support allocation

  • Developing metrics to inform and support assertions in grant proposals

  • Developing models to identify competitive award candidates

  • Assessing trends in collaboration to guide development of interdisciplinary research teams

Example presentations

Demes, K, E Palmaro, & M Mameni. 2021. Research Intelligence: Innovative tools and approaches for Research Administration. Canada Association of Research Administration.


Demes, K & Mameni, M. 2019. Linking data across university silos to support data-driven research development strategies. BCNET Shared IT Services for Higher Education and Research.

Locher, J, E Barsky, and KW Demes. 2018. Connecting the Data Dots to Identify Research Expertise in Large Universities. BCNET Shared IT Services for Higher Education and Research.

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